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Surface Mount Tantalum Capacitors SMD CA45

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Product details
Tantalum capacitor manufacturers

Capacitance range: 0.1uF-1000uF

Rated voltage: 4~50V

Capacitance tolerance: ±20%; ±10%

Operating temperature range: -55a~+125a

DC leakage at 20a: I0<0.01CRUR or 0.5uA(Whichever is greater)


To solve the problem of reducing the rated voltage, jinpei company has developed a new series of SMD solid tantalum capacitors with higher rated voltage rated voltage up 75WVDC.50V, can reach the rated voltage is reduced to 50% of the industry-recognized safety indicators. Dielectric forming thinner, more consistent, SMD solid tantalum capacitors rated voltage can reach 75V, in order to achieve a technological breakthrough for the advancement of rated voltage. Multi-channel step in the forming process has been improved: reduce the mechanical stress concentration generated in the forming process, reducing the local overheating of the electrolyte in the capacitor-forming process, to improve the consistency of the electrolyte concentration and purity of the dielectric forming process

●Polymer chip tantalum capacitor characteristics advantage is introduced:

Conductive polymer materials as a solid electrolyte

●Under the condition of the working temperature and frequency variation, in the

●high temperature and low temperature, the ESR and capacity is stable, the working

environment of 85 ℃, the service life of up to 50000 hours

●Does the rated voltage range, without step-down use

●Allows more effectively reduce the ripple current ripple noise, noise peak

●Safety is high, the circuit failure not burning explosion

●The above advantages are traditional chip tantalum capacitor,Welcome customersusing JINPEI company’s polymer chip tantalum capacitor

Basic knowledge of the tantalum capacitor

tantalum capacitor manufacturer
After the application of tantalum capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor has been found to exist in the application of short service life, not resistant to high temperature (military requirements up to 125 ° C), the problem such as capacitance change with temperature is obvious, tantalum capacitor, forced people to seek the good performance of tantalum electrolytic capacitor is a kind of good performance of capacitors.Tantalum capacitors with solid and liquid two forms of the cathode.
The structure of the tantalum capacitor
The ductility of aluminum is very good, can be very thin aluminum foil rolling, therefore, aluminum electrolytic capacitor corrosion Yang pole, the cathode foil to expand effective area of electrode.Tantalum capacitor is used will become a porous tantalum powder by sintering of tantalum block as anode, will through a porous tantalum block surface oxidation to form of tantalum pentoxide dielectric (relative dielectric number 27).Such as cathode is manganese dioxide solid tantalum capacitors, and will serve as the cathode of manganese dioxide and tantalum pentoxide dielectric close contact, through the lead electrode forming tantalum capacitor.The structure of the tantalum capacitor is shown as follows,
Like aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors are polar capacitor, only allowed in the condition of single polarity, absolutely do not allow the reverse polarity using tantalum electrolytic capacitor, current/voltage curve as follows:

SMD tantalum capacitor structure draw

Basic solid tantalum capacitors by tantalum powder (the anode), oxide film (cannot exist independently of tantalum powder), manganese dioxide, silver powder, graphite, epoxy resin, lead.

The first step: tantalum powder and organic solvent mixed together, according to certain shape pressure molding, embedded tantalum wire at the same time.
Step 2: under vacuum environment of high temperature over 2000 degrees, will be mixed organic solvent of tantalum powder in vacuum sintering into similar Yu Haimian state, at the same time and really lead together.


Step 3: major foam sponge into the electrolysis in phosphoric acid solution, the oxidation surface is generated after the tantalum pentoxide.Tantalum pentoxide dielectric constant is very high, at around 27, high performance of aluminum electrolytic capacitor (dielectric constant approximately 7) 3 oxidation 2 aluminium media.
Fourth step: add the manganese nitrate of liquid tantalum block, and then the hot points in the environment of water vapor (catalyst), broken down into manganese dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.Manganese nitrate adsorption, manganese dioxide generated can be fully adsorption of the countless holes inside the cavernous tantalum block.If here using solid manganese dioxide directly, will not be able to achieve this effect, that is why the manganese dioxide can only get the reason in the process of manufacturing.If use PPY/PEDT solid polymers, due to its low melting point, you can directly to its melting and then put it in.
Step 5: the last will and silver graphite coated on the surface of the manganese dioxide, reduce its the ESR, enhance its conductivity.
Step 6: add lead people outside, and then by epoxy resin encapsulation.

tantalum capacitor current voltage diagram

Multi-anodic tantalum capacitor

Although the tantalum capacitor ESR than electrolytic capacitor to reduce close to an order of magnitude, but users still hope to be able to have lower ESR tantalum capacitor.tantalum capacitor ESR or unsatisfactory is the root of the original for electrolytic capacitor as much as possible in order to obtain high capacitance and the corrosion of foils or way to get more of porous electrode area, but it is inevitably exists the depths of the electrode to the electrode terminal high ESR.For lower ESR, must reduce the depths of the electrode to the electrode leads to the distance.We know, a number of small capacity of shunt capacitor ESR than with a capacity of a single capacitor ESR much smaller, so you can imagine, if a tantalum capacitor encapsulation has multiple capacitors in parallel, it can not reduce the ESR?In fact, is to do so.JINPEI tantalun capacitor manufacture of LOW ESR tantalum capacitor is such structure, the following figure, tantalum capacitor encapsulation, there are three tantalum capacitor anode blocks, such as 330uF / 10 v LOW ESR of monomer, the ESR will reach 100 ~ 150 mΩ, and use three 330uF / 10 v low ESR monomer in parallel, the ESR is 330 / u/v 4 1/3 of the monomer, which is 30 ~ 50 m Ω, of course, the extremely low ESR, such as the use of advanced technology, its low ESR can do much more, and so the 4 v rated voltage tantalum capacitor ESR can be as low as 10 mΩ.Polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor so much (minimum of 7 mΩ).

From multiple anodic tantalum  capacitor and extremely low ESR characteristics of tantalum capacitor can see that their ESR than the "standard" negative extreme tantalum capacitor is much lower, and the rated current is much higher.Therefore, in the selection of tantalum capacitor is the need to pay attention to the right choices as required, and can't be a tantalum capacitor. 

multi anodic tantalum capacitor more internal structure

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